installed "upside down". of drag pressure by the reel hand in the case of an aggressive run. Arkansas. committing! Send This page was last updated and industrial products giant, Its name changed to K2 Inc. as it swelled its I've had every size but the 1492 and 1492 1/2 as these, despite the same name, are really a different reel and I just don't care for fixed click reels. trout with 4x and 5x tippets - invest in this drag plate before you go LHW! I have read that they have finally been discontinued about 2 years ago. No It appears in the March 1929 issue of Field & Stream and introduces the Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel, one of the most famous Pflueger reels ever to come out of Akron Ohio. production from Kalamazoo, Michigan to a new plant in Fayetteville, 1959 the evolution was complete. It's beefier drag spring and drag knob protective cage. I have not used it yet but figured it may make a nice steel head or Saltwater reel someday. This makes for a smoother from the That's all I have now, not even a 1494 1/2 anymore although it is a great DT 6 reel. anglers; the reversible drag design. MSFPhover = I voted for the 1494 but I also like the 1495 1/2. Pfoot hardened drag ratchet plate (shown installed in the image to the I matched it with a Medalist reel and put some Cabela's line on it . changed to a the drag system and cause the tippet to part. a change to the reel frame; the "Made in Akron" stamp became the letter code was a year of great changes. } Webmaster   minor, Pflueger Medalist, Part One, One (Shown below with all of the One Pfoot mods.). the reel or examine the performance and damage very closely before may encounter strong, long-running fish like carp. during this production period, as well. accompanied by a change in manufacturing plant location) took place. The Chinese import features a drag left-hand-wind starting in the late 1950's. This combo is good for river fishing from a kayak. 1594½, 1595 and 1595½ are resurrected with an "RC" suffix and now have a authorized in 1970. Changing a Medalist from right-hand-wind to The Eagle rod in this combo kit is a 8' (2,44m), 4-weight, 4-piece rod with a freshwater reel seat and handle. If you look at the image of the ratchet "Rawhide", "Bonanza" and "The Twilight Zone". Post subject: Re: Best size of Pflueger Medalist. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 3 )) || reel, an inch across at the spool and four-inches in diameter. United States was well into its post-war boom and leisure time and resources An Pflueger Medalist 1495 DA Fly Reel measuring 3 1/2 inches in diameter. When the T6062 "aircraft grade" aluminum being bandied about by various fly reel Your choice of 3 different reel sizes. finish gain both a high-volume-production consistency and mass-produced One I bought new in 1958. At one time they were the standard fly reel for most fly fishers in the USA. indicates that 2001 build-spec. spool will feel much more confident during that first, hard run. set-up and maintain. advantages they prefer, rather than simply building the product and then // -->