// ]]> Home : Books : Bio : News : Events : Contact : Extras : Privacy Policy : Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer Copyright © 2012-2019 Lorna Barrett, Inc. All Rights Reserved. NOT THE KILLING TYPE Sort by: Pre-Order. Thanks. The central figure in thes series is Tricia Miles, a city slicker who has moved to the small town of Stoneham. Tricia’s left to wonder if her cooking is to blame or if there’s something much more sinister at play. She soon uncovers a ballot box full of lies and betrayals, and a chamber full of people who had grudges against the victim. var sc_invisible=1; “Barrett writes some of the best cozy mysteries set in contemporary times, many of them New York Times bestsellers.” The author has made a good start on establishing what I suspect will be recurring characters that I find appealing. Lorraine Bartlett is an American author of mystery and suspense novels. Welcome to the Booktown Mysteries Community Page, where we can talk all things Booktown! Bartlett and Lorna Barrett. "https://secure." Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, Tricia Miles, owner of Haven’t a Clue mystery bookstore, is still settling into Stoneham, New Hampshire, the kind of town where everybody knows your name—and where everyone’s quick to lend a hand, even when murder is afoot . Buy Murder Is Binding (Booktown Mystery) by Barrett, Lorna (ISBN: 0787721952107) from Amazon's Book Store. Lorna Barrett is the New York Times bestselling author of the Booktown Mysteries, including Poisoned Pages, A Just Clause, Title Wave, A Fatal Chapter, and Book Clubbed. Chapter and Hearse ( 2010) 5. Publisher: Berkley. The third of the Booktown mysteries, Lorna Barrett's BOOKPLATE SPECIAL takes fans back to the wonderful town where books and book lovers populate the town. If you see anything missing please let us know so we can add it ASAP. Download the Booktown Mysteries audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Tricia sets out to clear Pixie’s name armed with only an anchor insignia earring found at the scene of the crime. series A Booktown Mystery #6 Tricia Miles—owner of Haven’t Got a Clue, the best mystery bookstore in Stoneham, New Hampshire—once again plays amateur sleuth as she is unexpectedly reunited with a man from a chapter of her life she closed long ago…The town of Stoneham is a haven for bookstores, but it is sadly lacking in bed-and-breakfasts. And when Angelica asks Tricia to help clear her name and win the election, she sees little choice except to start snooping. Murder on the Half Shelf Booktown Mystery (Series) Book 6 Lorna Barrett Author (2012) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Someone wanted to get their hands on the rare cookbook that Doris had recently purchased–and the locals think that someone is Tricia. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime. After all, the owner of the mystery bookstore, Haven’t Got a Clue, has been spending more time solving whodunits than reading them… Tricia’s sister, Angelica, considers herself to be the next celebrity chef. Or series based on famous art pieces. Booktown Mystery #3 Her last will and testament is packed with surprises and it’s soon apparent that Betsy was hiding volumes of dark secrets behind her perpetual frown—and one of them just might have been a motive for murder. In return, Pammy, has stolen $100, among other things. Book 15. Available formats: Ebook (1) Hardcover (1) A murder leads to a string of shocking revelations for bookstore owner Tricia Miles in the latest entry to Lorna Barrett’s New York Times bestselling Booktown series. Cast of Characters Stoneham, New Hampshire, MURDER IS BINDING Be sure to check out “The Booktown Mysteries” Series by Lorna Barrett for another great read. With all that’s going on can she find the killer before she’s the next item on the menu? by Lorna Barrett. Haunted by Pete’s enigmatic last words to her, Tricia considers who had a motive to kill her friend. As Tricia tries to find the killer before they reach port, she may be cruising. But when she finds Doris Gleason dead in her own cookbook store, killed by a carving knife, the atmosphere seems more cutthroat than cordial. It was nice to catch up with everyone in Stoneham including Miss Marple and Sarge. Or is the culprit still lurking in town? The immensely popular Booktown Mystery series is what put Lorna Barrett’s name on the New York Times Bestseller list, but it’s her talent -- whether writing as Lorna, or L.L. But what should have been a pleasant overnight stay for Tricia becomes a nightmare when she makes two startling discoveries: Pippa’s murdered body in the backyard, and the fact that her husband Jon is actually Harry Tyler, a man Tricia loved—and believed dead—for nearly twenty years. Like what was she foraging for? Tricia has put up—and put up with—her uninvited college roommate for weeks. As everyone watches Deborah give the opening speech, a small aircraft crashes into the village gazebo, killing both Deborah and the pilot. When Tricia’s assistant manager, Pixie, finds homeless vet Susan Morris’s body behind Haven’t Got A Clue, Pixie’s checkered past makes her the prime suspect. Series list: A Booktown Mystery (15 Books) by Lorna Barrett. : "http://www. Okay, it’s not really a world, but it’s a place where she kicks off her Crocs and plays when she’s not writing. Booktown Mystery #9 Or did he discover something in the town’s historical records that his killer wanted kept secret? Booktown Mystery #13 Naturally they choose a Mystery Lovers cruise, where they can ponder whodunnit in deck chairs while sipping colorful drinks and soaking up some rays. But the fun is cut short when a fellow passenger is murdered for real. She lives in Rochester, New York. . Stoneham, New Hampshire, is a haven to bookstores, including Tricia’s own mystery shop, Haven’t Got a Clue, but is sadly lacking in bed and breakfasts. Lorna Barrett's new cozy creation, Murder Is Binding, has it all: wonderful old books, quirky characters, a clever mystery, and a cat named Miss Marple!" . Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It’s Founders’ Day in Stoneham and the whole village has turned out to celebrate in the square, including Tricia’s friend and festivities organizer Deborah Black. Now, its streets are lined with bookstores–and paved with murder… When she moved to Stoneham, city-slicker Tricia Miles was met with friendly faces. Below is a list of Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery series in order of when the books were first published (which is also their chronological order): Shop Worldwide: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.ca. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? See search results for "Booktown Mystery" in the Jacksonville Public Library digital collection. To clear her name, Tricia will have to take a page out of one of her own mysteries–and hunt down someone who isn’t killing by the book…. Tricia Miles was just another mystery bookstore owner. It’s the hot topic in the race for Chamber of Commerce president which sees Tricia pitted against two bitter rivals. BOOKTOWN MYSTERY Series: Main Characters: Tricia Miles, Owner of Haven’t Got a Clue Mystery Bookstore, Angelica Preston, Tricia’s Sister, Miss Marple, Dainty Cat, New Hampshire. A JUST CLAUSE Publisher: Berkley, Tricia and Angelica leave Booktown behind for some much needed R&R. Booktown Mystery #8 Tricia and Angelica leave Booktown behind for a pleasure cruise, but they’re going to need their life jackets because a murderer is also on board in this mystery in Lorna Barrett’s New York Times bestselling series. With her assistant, Pixie, picking up more responsibility around the shop, Tricia Miles suddenly has a lot more time on her hands. Bookmarked For Death ( 2009) 3. See the complete Booktown Mystery series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. To celebrate her first cookbook, Angelica hosts a launch party, but sadly the only guest is an over-sized cutout of herself. Tricia decides to join the local animal-rescue board and enter the Great Stoneham Bake-Off, but neither pans out as smoothly as she’d hoped. And when she opened her mystery bookstore, she met with friendly competition. Click here for a post I’ve written about Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery Series. The Booktown Mysteries is a series of mystery novels by American novelist Lorna Barrett. Booktown Mystery #5 As Tricia tries to find the killer before they reach port, she may be cruising for a bruising…, A FATAL CHAPTER Have a cup of coffee from beans freshly ground at the Stoneham Coffee Bean, take a look around the site, sign up for Lorna’s newsletter, and find out more about the Booktown Mystery series. She gained experience writing characters and plots while writing for romance magazines. Clicking any links beside the book lists will lead you to Amazon for more details or to purchase the book. Tricia Miles, mystery bookstore owner and amateur sleuth, throws a housewarming cocktail party in her new apartment and has cooked all the food by herself–quite a feat for someone who previously couldn’t boil water. When Vera turns up dead in Joyce’s garden hours later, Tricia has to wonder—could Joyce be the killer? Naturally they choose a Mystery Lovers cruise, where they can ponder whodunnit in deck chairs while sipping colorful drinks and soaking up some rays. Just when things are getting back to normal in Booktown, Tricia and Angelica have their lives turned upside down by a shocking visitor from their past in this cozy mystery in the New York Times bestselling series. A Booktown Mystery Series : Titles in Order. You can also e-mail us with any feedback at site@orderofbooks.com. As the owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire’s mystery bookstore Haven’t Got a Clue, Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller way before she gets to the last page. Agatha Raisin by MC Beaton. BOOKPLATE SPECIAL Tricia knows there’s no way the receptionist is a killer. MURDER ON THE  HALF SHELF Booktown Mystery #6 After so many books the characters – Tricia, her sister Angelica, her store employees Mr. Everett and Pixie, Mr. Everett’s wife Grace, Antonio, Ginny and more – seem like old friends that you are visiting. Booktown Mystery #14 Booktown Mystery #10 Publisher: Berkley. var sc_https=1; Buy A Killer Edition (Booktown Mystery) by Barrett, Lorna (ISBN: 9781984802736) from Amazon's Book Store. Click here for excerpt, reviews, and purchase information. A Deadly Deletion. SENTENCED TO DEATH Click here for excerpt, reviews, and purchase information! Murder on the Half Shelf. Either way, Tricia’s once again in hot water with her ex-lover, Chief Baker. var sc_project=10970753; And with a sheriff who provides more obstacles than answers, Tricia will have to take matters into her own hands–and read between the lines to solve this mystery…. "); Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime, While out walking Sarge, Tricia is led by the agitated dog to a man lying in a gazebo. We do our best to get everything listed but the occasional book gets by us. One thing is for sure, someone in Stoneham is stirring up something more sinister than sweet. As Tricia digs deeper she discovers Susan was involved in a scandal right before retiring from the Navy—but since nobody in the village knows Susan, even Tricia’s one lead is in danger of drying up. TITLE WAVE And when she reads between the lines of the case, what she finds is worse than the most sinister whodunit …, CHAPTER & HEARSE Tricia is determined to win the cutthroat cooking contest, but first she will have to make sure no one else is in danger of getting burned…. 1.9K likes. Tricia is determined to get to the bottom of things before someone else becomes history…, BOOK CLUBBED Unfortunately, it’s not there for long when he’s found murdered in the Brookview Inn. Booktown Mystery has 27 entries in the series. Lately I’ve been going through some of the most recommended Cozy Mystery series among this site’s visitors. Hoping to stumble upon a new author or series? So far, the author’s obnoxious assistant/niece is the only suspect. Publisher: Berkley, Stoneham, New Hampshire, was a dying town until community leaders invited booksellers to open shop. Mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles learns that nothing kills a good party like a murder in the latest entry in the New York Times bestselling Booktown Mysteries. Then a heartwarming party in her new apartment led to murder and her instance on solving the case drew her into the high stakes world of amateur sleuthing. The series is currently ongoing. 1. Then local small business owner Stan Berry throws his hat in ring. She sets up a mystery bookstore, only to find a fellow bookstore owner murdered. Lorraine Bartlett is an American writer of mystery and suspense novel. And who truly had something to gain? Mystery bookstore owner Tricia Miles learns that nothing kills a good party like a murder in the latest entry in the New York Times bestselling Booktown Mysteries. Even Tricia’s faith in the old man is shaken when the Stoneham police break the news that her father is a known con man who has done jail time. A KILLER EDITION Tricia will have to do some serious sleuthing before she pulls the lever on a killer. You can click these links and be sent to a random series or a random author. I found Handbook for Homicide to be well-written with a colorful cast of characters. Cranky Chamber of Commerce receptionist Betsy Dittmeyer is crushed by a fallen bookcase. You can also use this form to request we add new authors. We will send you one e-mail a month notifying you of any hot new books announced or coming out, as well as any new additions to the site. What do a stone book and a stabbed cake have to do with Zoë Carter’s death? Handbook for Homicide by Lorna Barrett is the 14th A Booktown Mystery. The Booktown Mysteries series began with Murder is Binding in 2008. It’s a great place to find a good mystery to read–or to solve …. But these days, Tricia is using her sleuthing skills for much more than the books on her shelves . Bookplate Special book. Is the killer a famous mystery author, one of her fans, or a member of the ship’s crew? Booktown Mystery #10 Tricia Miles owns Haven’t Got a Clue in Stoneham, New Hampshire known for its bookstores. With family drama brewing in the background and all of Stoneham convinced her manager is a murderer, Tricia knows she has to get to the bottom of the case soon before Pixie’s future is sunk. But the day she’s kicked out, Pammy’s found dead in a dumpster, leaving loads of questions unanswered. The Booktown Mystery book series by Lorna Barrett includes books Murder is Binding, Bookmarked For Death, Bookplate Special, and several more. "Move over Cabot Cove. Agatha Raisin retires from a high-powered career in public relations at … Click here for excerpt, review, and purchase information. Click here for an excerpt, reviews, and purchase information! Tricia Miles, mystery bookstore owner and amateur sleuth, is in for a surprise when her ne’er-do-well father, John, comes to town—and promptly becomes a prime suspect in the murder of a woman with her own scandalous past. . Click here for a post I’ve written about Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery Series. Booktown Mystery #4 Publisher: Berkley. The race is already a bit heated, as longstanding Chamber president Bob Kelly is being challenged by a former lover—Tricia’s own sister Angelica. The story is set in a small town, and the protagonist is a bookseller. Meanwhile the charming town of Stoneham is being disrupted by a vandalism crime wave. Did her killer want it too? She writes under three pen names, including her own name, L.L. --Neil Gaiman READ MORE To celebrate her bookstore’s anniversary, Tricia Miles hosts a book signing for bestselling author Zoë Carter. Pippa and Jon Comfort’s Sheer Comfort Inn opens its doors to the public in a week and the couple has offered some locals a free night as a trial run. Lorna barrett books in order Is the killer a famous mystery author, one of her fans, or a member of the ship's crew? Booktown Mystery #1 And even though Harry’s led a life of lies, Tricia’s learning that Pippa had her share of secrets that some people may have not wanted revealed… Click here for excerpt, reviews, and purchase information. The kinder folks of Stoneham might call Pammy Fredericks a free spirit. But the fun is cut short when a fellow passenger is murdered for real. The next group are murder mysteries that have to do with the world of art including fine art, music, and even books. [CDATA[ The less kind, a freeloading thief. –Bookmarks Magazine, NOT THE KILLING TYPE :  MURDER ON THE HALF SHELF, HANDBOOK FOR HOMICIDE To piece the case together, Tricia will have to dive in head-first.…, BOOKMARKED FOR DEATH Booktown Mystery #7 Art Murder Mystery Book Series. Publisher: Berkley. document.write(""); But the event takes a terrible turn when the author is found dead in the washroom. Get the Audible Audio Editions of the Booktown Mysteries series from the Audible.co.uk online audiobook store Read 388 reviews from the world's largest community for … Her series include Jeff Resnick, the Booktown Mysteries and the Victoria Square Mysteries. Worse than the lack of fans is a nearby gas explosion that injures her boyfriend, Bob Kelly, the head of the Chamber of Commerce. The Booktown Mysteries. //