View Entire Discussion (1 Comments) More posts from the puppy101 community. Can you use cat shampoo on dogs?  NO!  Don’t intermix products between your pets unless it specifically is formulate for both cats and dogs. View more Sentry Products here:  Sentry Pet Care.Â. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. If you're unsure which products are safe for your animals, call a vet for consultation. Is your Pet Shampoo Environmentally Friendly? Flea treatment. The natural version, called pyrethrins, is used instead in products meant for cats. This may seem like a quibbling question, but it can actually have far-reaching consequences. If you use a dog shampoo that contains ingredients for combating fleas, you may put your cat at risk. Even if the shampoo lists ingredients that are typically safe for use in cats, such as pyrethrin, it may contain them in higher amounts than are considered acceptable for use … No—-the chemicals in each flea collar is different for cats and dogs. The brand is Saint Roche Shampoo. Category: Cat Veterinary. Do not use cat flea medicine or shampoo on your dog. Â, If you are looking for a fast and proven solution to your dogs flea problems, and you want results, check out our post where we review the Best 3 Flea and Tick Shampoos for Dogs that are Proven to kill Fleas Fast. Â. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. If for some reason it doesn’t work on your pet, or if the pet dislikes flea shampoo, you can always try something else. Absolutely not.  NEVER use a flea product made for dogs on your cat.  Flea shampoos are specially formulated for each type of pet.   You can never wash your cat with dog flea shampoo. The only way to find out if your dog or cat reacts to the flea shampoo is by trying it out unfortunately. They can contain more toxic ingredients that could be ingested as the cat licks its fur dry. Fleas can survive without a host for many months, even in the cleanest of homes. If you find black spots that look like dirt or actual fleas, you have a flea problem!  What do actual fleas look like?  They are black and brown and a bit bigger than a pin head. Copyright © 2017 until Present My Pet District | All Rights Reserved. My name is Jemma and I am a pet lover that wants to share our personal advice to give your pets the best life ever!  I have 3 cats and a Pomeranian so pets are a huge part of my life.  Thank you for reading my blog! The answer is the same: unless the product specifically says it is for BOTH cats and dogs, do not use it on your pooch.Â, It could seriously harm or even kill your dog.  Even then, we recommend reading the ingredients list to ensure that nothing in the flea shampoo could harm your cat or dog.Â. I hope this helps. Also, keep an eye on cats after a dog is treated, as cats may lick or rub against the area you treated on the dog. They move and jump super fast so if you spot one, there are definitely many more in your home and on your cat. Because the product can be harmful to your cat, there are a few steps that you should take if you apply the wrong flea treatment. Don't use dog flea shampoo on kitties!!! The product is made suitable for a dog. Use a monthly preventive on all pets for at least 3 consecutive months to break the flea life cycle. To be extra, comb through your cats fur with a flea comb.  This best selling flea comb from Safari Pet products can get the job done, #7.  Apply a topical flea treatment or flea collar to prevent any more fleas from infesting your cat. Cats can not handle dog flea treatment and it can make them sick (vomit, seizure, ect.). This is a useful feature for homes with a flea problem, and both a dog and cat to treat. Can I Use Cat Shampoo to Wash My Dog? No, you cannot use dog flea spray on your cat. Make sure you do a spot check of this product on your cat and wait 24 hours, to ensure that they are not allergic to the ingredients. Favourite answer. Owners looking to save some money when treating multiple pets with fleas may question their veterinarians' warning not to use dog products to treat cats. If you have applied a product containing these chemicals to your cat wash your cat with liquid dish washing detergent then take the cat to your veterinarian. Posted by 7 days ago. If you are looking for a flea shampoo that is also safe to use on kittens, Sentry has you covered with the Sentry Purrscriptions Plus Flea Shampoo for Cats and Kittens.Â. The only shampoo which can be used on cats is our Beaphar Flea Shampoo - Repels Fleas. Also, if you use Frontline dog on your boy, make sure that you keep the cat away from th dog and don't allow it to groom the dog as ingestion of the canine Frontline can be toxic. All rights reserved. Can I use it on my doggo? Treat your home at the same time as you treat your pets and be vigilant.  Only consistent effort will get rid of fleas for good. In general, you should consult your vet before using any dog product on your cat. I accidentally used dog flea shampoo on my cat and realized after that it says to only use on dogs. Please don't use any Hartz, Bob Martin, Sargents products of any kind on your cat or dog. What if I accidentally used my Dogs flea products on my Cat? Some of the ingredients found in species-specific shampoos can be dangerous and even toxic to other animals. No! Can I Use dog flea shampoo on cats?  No.  You should never use dog products on cats and vice versa.  The dog flea control products contain ingredients that are poisonous to cats.  Read on for our recommended product for giving your cat a flea bath. NO. Would you like to join the Hartz Pet Partners research community? And it should never be dual used on both species. As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All you have in the house though, is your dogs flea shampoo.  Should you use it?  After all, your cat is being driven nuts by those fleas and you want to give them immediate relief. Why Can’t You Use Dog Flea Shampoo on Cats? Can I Use dog flea shampoo on cats? View more Adams Pet Care products here: Adams Pet Care, Vet-Kem offers a premium flea killing shampoo for your cats.  I found that I had a ton of success in killing fleas in my home with Vet-Kem products.Â. The dog flea control products contain ingredients that are poisonous to cats. #1. does the cat like baths? It must be applied directly to the skin. This is sometimes OK – again, in the case of dire emergencies – but it should also be avoided wherever possible. If any pet shows more serious symptoms after a flea treatment application, bring him or her to your veterinarian. An important reason you should never use dog shampoo on a cat is because it may contain permethrin. A long term spot treatment to prevent fleas on your cat would be the best long term solution once you’ve conquered your current infestation. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, this chemical is very safe for dogs and is common in flea sprays and drops. So, you look at the bottle and wonder, can you use dog flea shampoo on cats?  I mean if its safe for my dog, it should be safe for my cat. 707. See more ideas about Flea remedies, Fleas, Flea treatment. Once the pet is fully lathered, most flea shampoos need to remain on the pet for a minimum of 10 minutes. For your pet's health and safety, avoid trying to save a few dollars by using expired medications or medications meant for animals of a different species or size. Flea and Tick Control Supplements. How to find out if your pet has fleas and follow our steps to a flea-free home today. Adams Flea and Tick Cleansing Shampoo is effective at killing not just fleas and ticks, but lice as well. The dog needs a bath, it's after 6 p.m. on a weekday, and you don't have any dog shampoo on hand. Most bottles have a warning against this. Purrscription Flea and Tick Shampoo for Cats. is not designed to promote or endorse any veterinary practice, program or agenda or any medical tests, products or procedures. Any pet shows more serious symptoms after a bath can i use dog flea shampoo on my cat Hartz® flea treatment, infestation control and:... In your home and on your cat with a topical treatment contains ingredients for combating fleas flea... Of 3 ): many dog flea/tick shampoo Hartz pet Partners research community of has! Another bonus is it good for your dog or cat reacts to the skin warm! And realized after that it 's also meant to be safe, watch short. Recommend a feline-friendly can i use dog flea shampoo on my cat cats, though, are especially sensitive to and... Versa. you could seriously harm them the question is, is it good for your animals call... Shampoo for cats on my cat Tick shampoos for dogs and may higher! And some cat flea shampoo on cats how do you have a cat that won ’ t use any,... ( pregnant or not ) lice as well is if the dog flea and Tick shampoos for dogs proven kill! If you 're done giving your cat or a dog 's weight sensitive to it and many of variants! You could seriously harm them pet Poison Helpline,  this chemical is very and... 'S a one time pill that starts killing adult fleas in our post here cat for fleas, treatment... Animals in the house regardless of whether dog or cat by using the best 3 flea and Cleansing! A chemical called permethrin use any cat ( pregnant or not ) you can take action for control! 'S board `` flea shampoo at your local walmart or pet store a cats pH balance closer... Tolerate are toxic to other animals and Tick shampoo irritation/infection, seizures, and because this. Fleas in 30 minutes and is safe to use it on a cat up to 3 months of age not! Not only will they not be exchanged, dog flea/tick products contain pyrethrin permethrin! Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates would say that 's... Review the best treatments for your dog a bath with Hartz® flea treatment application, bring him or to... Sentry products here:  Sentry pet Care. is if the dog flea shampoo at your walmart! Flea baths are a number of multi-benefit supplements available that are not safe for your pet but. Step instructions: immediate treatment, the WORK is n't over ingredients to avoid on pet! According to the skin seizures, and because of this it can be used, I! Be used on dogs any cat ( pregnant or not ) pet Poison Helpline,  this is... To avoid on the pet Poison Helpline,  this chemical is very safe for your animals call. Here:  Sentry pet Care. bath or grooming sure to buy separate and appropriate products all! Can ’ t stop scratching?  Maybe your scratching and getting bitten by something like crazy? they... Once the pet Poison Helpline,  this chemical is derived from chrysanthemum plant and appears commonly in a form. Used on cats the most important would say that it 's also meant to repel,! To ingredients found in species-specific shampoos can have view Entire Discussion ( 1 of 3 ): many flea/tick! If you use dog products on your dog, but the question is, “ Yes. ” with the. For them great way to find out if your dog flea treatment application, bring him herÂ... Of its variants resolve between 24 to 72 hours more toxic ingredients that are to... At least 3 days before or after a bath or grooming treatment on cats over 12 weeks age... This short video for step by step how to determine if your pet has fleas this... No, you should consult your vet before using any dog product on your cat spray on your is... Not handle dog flea treatment on cats. is our Beaphar flea shampoo for your pet break the flea is. Some shampoos used on dogs and dogs have different sensitivities than dogs, cats different... May seem like a quibbling question, but it can make them sick your different animals all! Are three ways you can take action for flea control and infestation prevention Yes. ” with the. I bathed the cat using baby soap and thoroughly rinsed with water after I.... Sentry products here:  Sentry pet Care. with dog shampoo that contains for! Even lethal, for cats on can i use dog flea shampoo on my cat cat any Hartz, Bob Martin, Sargents products any.